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All popular icon sets, one framework. Over 100,000 open source vector icons.

Using icons in your documentation is a great way to add visual interest and help users understand the content. Iconify is a great icon library you can use in your documentation. This article shows you how to use Iconify icons in your Docusaurus documentation site.

To complete these steps you will need to have a custom MDXComponents file. If you don't have one, just create the file MDXComponents.js or MDXComponents.tsx in the src/theme directory of your project.

Installing Iconify

Iconify is available for React as a Node Package Manager (NPM) package. To install Iconify, run the following command:

npm install --save @iconify/react

Using Iconify with Markdown or MDX

You can use Iconify in your Markdown or MDX files by exposing the Iconify component in MDXComponents. An example of this is below with added comments to aid understanding:

import React from 'react';
// Import the original mapper
import MDXComponents from '@theme-original/MDXComponents';
import { Icon } from '@iconify/react'; // Import the entire Iconify library.

export default {
// Re-use the default mapping
IIcon: Icon, // Make the iconify Icon component available in MDX as <icon />.

We can then use the icon component in MDX files:

title: My Doc

<IIcon icon="mdi:github" height="48" /> This is a GitHub icon.

Iconify have a superb Icon Explorer where you can search for icons and copy the code to use in your documentation.

Using Iconify with React

You can use Iconify icons in your React components by using the Icon component. Iconify have wonderful React documentation that you can use to learn more about using Iconify with React components.

If this is working you'll see an Iconify GitHub icon below: